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What’s Ahead in 2017!

Michael Palma for Repertorio 2016 Olga Pericet 042

2017 has officially kicked-off and we are looking forward to the many projects this years brings for us!

Here’s what’s in store this new year:



First up is a new production just in time to honor the Dominican Republic and its strides for freedom!


Written by: Marco Antonio Rodríguez | Directed by:  José Zayas

A new play based on Julia Álvarez’s epic fictional novel of real-life iconic poet Salomé Ureña de Henríquez. Born in the 1850’s, in a time of intense political and emotional repression and turmoil, Salomé’s fervent patriotic poems turned her into a national icon. “In the Name of Salomé” is equally the story of Salomé’s daughter, Camila, who grows up in exile, in the shadow of her mother’s legend.

“In the name of Salomé” (En el nombre de Salmé) will have its world premiere at Repertorio Español on February 11th, 2017. As an added bonus if you purchase tickets before February 11th you can get 25% off by using code: salome25 at checkout, https://goo.gl/aQiF2V












In the springtime, Francisco Gattorno takes on another lead role in a new production of “La Fiaca”.


Written by: Ricardo Talesnik |Directed by: Leyma López

Nestor Vignale is an individuals with a sad-monotonous life along with his wife Marta and his possessive mother. One day he decides to skip work, all his chores at home, and simply stay in bed saying he has The blahs. Wanting to take advantage of his new found liberty he spends the day being lazy and doing things at home to keep himself entertained. Yet his unwillingness to work soon catches up to him and his marriage, prompting an intervention from his family and friends.

“La Fiaca” (The Blahs) will have its premiere on our stage late Spring 2017!






Summertime brings to our stage the 2016 winning play of the Metlife’s National Playwright Competition Nuestra Voces.


Written by: Gerardo Cardenas | Directed by: José Zayas

To Ramon Garcia, the American Dream was clearly drawn: join the Marines and go on an epic tour of duty to the Middle East. But things happened to him quickly and violently, coming from his own blind spot…



Michael Palma for Repertorio 2016 Olga Pericet 016August marks the returned of the renowned bailaora Olga Pericet!

“Ms. Pericet, a brash flamenco dancer who can take on many personas in a single performance…” –  The New York Times 

“Olga Pericet in a powerhouse performance…” – The New York Times

” Expect to be surprised; besides being a fiery and technically accomplished performer, Pericet is a mercurial presence and a fearless experimenter.”– The New York Times

Celebrated worldwide for her brilliant footwork and creativity when it comes to understanding the Spanish dance and flamenco. Received in 2014 “The Critical Eye Dance Award” and in 2015 the “Max Award” for the best female dancer.

Tickets are available for purchase now: https://goo.gl/epKLRw