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“Olga Pericet expresses everything though her superb dancing and magnetic charm.” – El Mundo, España

“Ms. Pericet, a brash flamenco dancer who can take on many personas in a single performance.” –  The New York Times

“A tiny powerhouse.” – The New Yorker

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Repertorio Español is excited to announce the return of flamenco and Spanish dance to its intimate stage with the return of internationally renowned Olga Pericet. A versatile artist, magnetic dancer and untiring creator, Olga Pericet is one of the emerging names in contemporary Spanish dance. Her respect for tradition is an essential part of her creativity, although she maintains an unconformity of tone and a contemporary vision.


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In this new solo concert, Ms. Pericet choreographs and dances to the sorrowful “Seguiriyas,” the exuberant “Bulerías” and melancholic “Alboreá y Romances.”  Vocal and guitar solos feature guitarist Antonia Jiménez and singers Manuel Lago and Miguel Lavi.


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With this new solo concert, Repertorio proudly continues the tradition of flamenco and Iberian regional dances in the theatre’s intimate setting, reaffirming the company’s standing not just as a theatre company, but as one of the most dynamic Hispanic performing arts institutions in New York City’s cultural landscape.

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Photos by Michael Palma

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What's New & Recent Press

Check Out These Glamour Shots of Olga Pericet, a New Flamenco Dancer at Repertorio

Flamenco is coming back to Repertorio Español this April!

Olga Pericet, the rising star of the Flamenco world, is bringing her magnetic talent to Repertorio’s stage on April 8th, 2015. The first Spanish dancer since the departure of Pilar Rioja, Pericet fits perfectly into the range of high-quality Flamenco styles that combine the traditional grit of the dance with modern, elegant movement that can only come from a classically trained dancer.

Read more about Perciet on her website, and be on alert for more information about her new show here at Repertorio. In the meanwhile, enjoy this incredible glamour shots of the critically acclaimed dancer, and check out the video of her highly-acclaimed show, Pisadas.

06 30_Olga_luzdeteatro_Granada_68 06 30_Olga_luzdeteatro_Granada_52 06 30_Olga_luzdeteatro_Granada_46 Foto traje AZUL alta_2014 02 27_PISADAS_estreno_Villamarta_Paco Villalta-7477 alta_2014 02 27_PISADAS_estreno_Villamarta_Paco Villalta-7419 06 30_Olga_luzdeteatro_Granada_48 _QCO9871

Photo Credit: Paco Villalta 

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