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“Olga Pericet expresses everything though her superb dancing and magnetic charm.” – El Mundo, España

“Ms. Pericet, a brash flamenco dancer who can take on many personas in a single performance.” –  The New York Times

“A tiny powerhouse.” – The New Yorker

Michael Palma for Repertorio 2016 Olga Pericet 028


Repertorio Español is excited to announce the return of flamenco and Spanish dance to its intimate stage with the return of internationally renowned Olga Pericet. A versatile artist, magnetic dancer and untiring creator, Olga Pericet is one of the emerging names in contemporary Spanish dance. Her respect for tradition is an essential part of her creativity, although she maintains an unconformity of tone and a contemporary vision.


Michael Palma for Repertorio 2016 Olga Pericet 018


In this new solo concert, Ms. Pericet choreographs and dances to the sorrowful “Seguiriyas,” the exuberant “Bulerías” and melancholic “Alboreá y Romances.”  Vocal and guitar solos feature guitarist Antonia Jiménez and singers Manuel Lago and Miguel Lavi.


Michael Palma for Repertorio 2016 Olga Pericet 036


With this new solo concert, Repertorio proudly continues the tradition of flamenco and Iberian regional dances in the theatre’s intimate setting, reaffirming the company’s standing not just as a theatre company, but as one of the most dynamic Hispanic performing arts institutions in New York City’s cultural landscape.

Tickets & Information


Michael Palma for Repertorio 2016 Olga Pericet 051

Michael Palma for Repertorio 2016 Olga Pericet 043

Photos by Michael Palma

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Repertorio Español presents the premiere of “Blind Spot” (Punto ciego) by Gerardo Cárdenas and directed by José Zayas on Saturday, July 8th at 8PM.

In recent years, the military has tried to draw in immigrants with programs that allow enlistees to become citizens after basic training, attracting about 5,000 takers each year, according to the Defense Department. One out of every 13 sailors is foreign born, the highest proportion in any military branch, according to the Navy. The service regularly holds citizenship ceremonies aboard ships.  At the same time, the proportion of racial and ethnic minorities in the military, mirroring the nation as a whole, has surged to 40 percent — nearly twice what it was 20 years ago.

The winning play of the 2015 MetLife “Nuestras Voces” National Playwriting Competition, “Blind Spot” tells the story of Ramón García, an undocumented immigrant seeking his own version of the American Dream: the hope for a new life given by citizenship papers after serving his country, and the happiness of being able to build a better future. He never saw an unexpected turn coming from a blind spot that would transform his life, and that of his family, into a bitter awakening and the realization of being a small piece in a huge political board.

“Blind Spot” will be presented in Spanish with captions in English and Spanish at Repertorio Español’s Gramercy Arts Theatre on 138 East 27th Street in Manhattan, New York.

Starring Pedro de León (Repertorio Español debut), Zulema Clares, Alfonso Rey, Gerardo Gudiño, Sandor Juan, Hannia Guillen and Gonzalo Trigueros (Repertorio Español debut).


Production Web Page

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Photos by Michael Palma

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Repertorio Español To Receive Rockefeller Brothers Fund


We are grateful and excited!

Repertorio Español is the recipient of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund! This grant will provide $150,000 to Repertorio with the ends of expanding our vision of making great quality theater in  New York.

With the funds provided by the organization, Repertorio will open three new productions for the 2017 and 2018 fiscal years. Among the plays planned include an adaptation of Gabriel García Marquez’s “No One Writes to the Colonel,” a new play by Nilo Cruz, and an American premiere of a classical play written by a woman playwright of the 17th Century to be directed by a woman of today!

About the Rockefeller Brothers Fund

Founded in 1940 by the sons of John D. Rockefeller, Jr., the Rockefeller Brothers Fund (RBF) advances social change that contributes to a more just, sustainable, and peaceful world. The RBF’s grantmaking is organized around three themes: Democratic Practice, Peacebuilding, and Sustainable Development. Though the Fund pursues its three program interests in a variety of geographic contexts, it has identified several specific locations on which to concentrate cross-programmatic attention. The Fund refers to these as “RBF pivotal places”: subnational areas, nation-states, or cross-border regions that have special importance with regard to the Fund’s substantive concerns and whose future will have disproportionate significance for the future of a surrounding region, an ecosystem, or the world. The Fund currently works in two pivotal places: Southern China and the Western Balkans. The Charles E. Culpeper Arts & Culture program, focused on New York, nurtures a vibrant and inclusive arts community in the Fund’s home city.

For more information visit, http://www.rbf.org/

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A Letter to Repertorio…

Theatre is definitely a labor of love. At Repertorio we work very hard to make every single production an amazing experience for our audience. It’s especially challenging when our plays are based on historical events as is En el tiempo de la mariposas.

Recently we received a letter from one of our audience members who came to watch En el tiempo de la mariposas with his wife and wanted to express his thoughts on the show. We couldn’t be more moved by the letter so we decided to share it with all our followers.

 “After taking my wife to see the Saturday matinee performance of En el Tiempo de las Mariposas, I felt I needed to write this letter to comment on this magnificent and highly accurate representation of this important even in Dominican history.

This was the first time I had even seen a play totally in Spanish and it was a wonderful learning experience for me. I was able to understand the dialogue since I was already familiar with the events that had transpired.

For my wife, the show was personal. As a young child growing up in Salcedo, my wife would spend time at the Mirabal house where the sisters would play with her (she is a distant cousin). This show brought back many fond memories of the wonderful times my wife spend with the Mirabal family as well as the painful memories of the tragic events that later followed. Three years ago, she returned to Salcedo to visit the Museum that was created to keep the sisters’ memory alive and had the opportunity to speak with Dede. It was quite an emotional time.

Thank you for presenting such a quality performance at your Repertorio Theater.”

To the author of the letter: we are extremely grateful for your kind words and taking the initiative to tell us about your experience. The play is definitely unique in the story it tells and we worked hard to make sure that everyone that sees it can see the passion that was put into its creation.  We hope you come back soon!

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PHOTOS: “Señorita 744890” rehearsal pictures

Last week we heard from Mariana Carreño King on the writing process behind Señorita 744890. Now we’re giving you an exclusive look at the rehearsals for this new production.

Check out some of Michael Palma’s behind the scenes pictures as the actors and crew prepare for the premiere of Señorita 744890 this Friday, February 5th at 8:00 pm.

Michael Palma for Repertorio Senorita Rehearal Camerino

Director Daniel Jáquez with Inés del Castillo

Michael Palma for Repertorio Senorita Rehearsal Camerino 2

Director Daniel Jáquez with assistant director Cristina Viesca and Inés del Castillo

Michael Palma for Repertorio Senorita Rehearal 6

Bobby Plasencia and Zulema Clares

Michael Palma for Repertorio Senorita Rehearal 3

Bobby Plasencia and director Daniel Jáquez

Michael Palma for Repertorio Senorita Rehearal 4

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Acerca de - Artists Stories

Guest Post: Mariana Carreño King Describes the Process Behind Writing “Señorita 744890”

Michael Palma for Mariana Correno KIng RepOn the brink of starting the last week of rehearsals, I think I speak for the rest of the crew when I say we are very excited!

It has been a very intense process, but also one filled with surprises. Even though, I have a few years working on this play, you really don’t know what works and what doesn’t until you work with actors and designers.

This play started as a monologue. I was reading an article about the effects of solitary confinement on imprisoned women and I remembered a legend which I love titled La mulata de Córdoba. In the story, there’s a beautiful dark-skinned women that doesn’t pay attention to any of the man from her town, her lack of interest in the men around her, causes people to accuse her of witchcraft which in turn leads to her being incarcerated; in some versions she was in a jail in other versions she was held in a cave. Nonetheless, the point is that she is alone and only has a piece of chalk to draw on the walls…I won’t tell you what happens next to not ruin the play for you.

While I wrote the monologue, it didn’t seem appropriate so I chose to add the other characters.

The idea that the play was written by a lonely writer sitting in a dark and depressing apartment is not necessarily true (my apartment is not depressing, just disorganized). Well, maybe the first draft. But plays are a product of many people working together. This play was not the exception. The ideas developed with the help of many artistic residencies where I was able to work with actors and directors, among them, “Playground” with Lark Play Development Center, a “Summer Intensive” with LAByrinth Theatre Company and “INKtank” with Rising Circle.

Daniel Jáquez, the director, has directed three lectures with different actors in the last three years. In every lecture along with the comments from different mentors and actors, the ideas and perspective kept growing. I may take the credit as playwright, but the real credit belongs to all those who have put their grain of sand.

To win the Metlife “Nuestra Voces” National Playwright Competition has been an incredible experience. Repertorio has been a generous and open to the bizarre ideas I come up with. I wrote the script in English, but I love to showcase it in Spanish. To do the translation has thought me a lot about the characters, the story and what I wanted to say; it also helped me to improve the English script. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity.


Miss 748890 was written and developed during a Playground Residency with The Lark Play Development Center, two Summer Intensives with LAByrinth Theatre Company, and an INKtank Residency with Rising Circle, under the mentorship of Migdalia Cruz y Deepa Purohit.

Mariana wishes to thank Migdalia Cruz, Deepa Purohit, Portia Jones, Marlene Forte, Teddy Cañez, Kohl Sudduth, Socorro Santiago, Lanna Joffrey, Harvey Gardner Moore, e Irene Sofia Lucio, for their support, feedback and for giving life to these characters in different incarnations.

MetLife Logo Transparency

Nuestars Voces Logo transparency


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Michael Palma’s Shots of “Su nombre será su sombra para siempre”

Talented photographer Michael Palma stopped by Repertorio to snap these great shots of Repertorio’s newest play and 2013 winner of the MetLife ‘Nuestras Voces’ National Playwriting Competition, “Su nombre será su sombra para siempre” (Your Name Will Follow You Home) by Carlos Murillo and directed by José Zayas.

Following the story of a group of Hispanic-American writers in 1988 New York City, the play is a perfect example of not only what the ‘Nuestras Voces’ Competition can discover, but what Hispanic-American playwrights are writing and contributing to the great Latino tradition of theater. Another great treat is the incredibly designed and versatile set, conceived by Leni Méndez, which allows for a convenient transition between the play’s various settings.

With a planned run until February, check out Repertorio’s main website for tickets or call the box office line at (212) 225 9999


michael palma for repertorio su nombre 017michael palma for repertorio su nombre 002michael palma for repertorio su nombre 020 michael palma for repertorio su nombre 061 michael palma for repertorio su nombre 078 michael palma for repertorio su nombre 108

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