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‘Tis the Season!

Michael Palma Mir for Repertorio La Cancion 103

As the carol goes ’tis the season to be jolly!

As we end 2016 and prepare for the projects ahead in 2017, we are excited to count with the support of so many of you! Recently we were pleasantly surprised to receive donations from loyal audience members all the way in Puerto Rico and from California. It’s incredible to realize that Repertorio Español has caused an impact on people from coast to coast!

Your donations help us in many many ways for example because of your contributions we can provide lower fees to school that otherwise would not be able to afford a class trip to the theater. Furthermore, donations allow us to offer new talent a platform to showcase their creativity and passion.

It’s because of these contributions that we can continue our mission to provide quality Spanish theatre and allow new voices to be heard. We are incredibly excited about the upcoming year and hope to continue to cause an impact in people from all around the world!

Learn more about donating here: goo.gl/2QdCtz


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Kids and Teens go FREE to see “La canción”!

Michael Palma Mir for Repertorio La Cancion 113

Dear Parents,

We know taking the kids out can get PRICEY so we are here to help!

Photo by Michael Palma Mir

Photo by Michael Palma Mir

From December 2016 to February 2017 kids and teens between the ages of 8 to 21 can come enjoy “La canción” for free when accompanied by a full-paying adult. This offer is valid for ONE student or youth per adult and can  not be combined with any other offer or with $15 tickets.

Michael Palma Mir Repertorio La Cancion 303

Photo by Michael Palma Mir

With it incredible music and killer choreography “La canción” is the perfect musical to take your kids to see this winter and the great aspect of “La canción” is it really is a  family show. Parents you too will be laughing  with La Abuelita’s random occurrences and of course dancing with the music composed by Vico C.

Michael Palma Mir Repertorio La Cancion 306

Photo by Michael Palma Mir

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take a night off, sit back and enjoy a little theater with your kids! Use code: TEENSFREE at check out!

Tickets: https://goo.gl/2Mzh6M


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La canción goes to Queens!

Twitter Cancion

We can’t hide our excitement for Cándido Tirado’s “La canción”! Through this new production we’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with director Edward Torres and Latin Grammy winner Vico C. but that’s just the beginning.

Sunday, September 18th we’ll be part of  Carnaval De La Cultura Latina and as a special treat we will be sharing with everyone a live sneak peak of “La canción”. We are overjoyed and grateful for this opportunity and can’t wait too see all your there!


When: Sunday, September 18, 2016

Time: 12 PM to 6 PM

Where: Junction Boulevard between Roosevelt Avenue and 37th Avenue


To learn more about Carnaval De La Cultura Latina make sure to check-out their website here: http://goo.gl/1GpNng

For tickets to “La canción” premiering September 23rd, 2016 at 8pm, visit our website here: http://goo.gl/2Mzh6M

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Meet the People behind “Burundanga”!

Burundanga Production Image

The month of May brings with it a new premiere to Repertorio Español. The extremely funny comedy “Burundanga” written by playwright Jordi Galcerán will be opening on May 28th and we couldn’t be more excited to see something new, fresh and hilarious! Of course we know that we need great playwrights like Galcerán to write this wonderful production, but we also need great actors to give life to the words on the script. See below to learn about the cast member behind this play!




Jordi Galcerán (Playwrightstudied Catalan Philology at the University of Barcelona and began writing theatrical plays in 1988.  In 1995, with Words in Chains he won the 20th Born Theatre Award, and in 1996 the Critic’s Award Serra d’OR for Best Work in Catalan language. His play Dakota received the Ignasi Iglesia Award. His most recent premiere is Burundanga, which was presented at Maravillas de Madrid theatre in June of 2011. Outside of the theater he has served as screenplay writer for a variety of television series and has written 6 featured films.







José Zayas (DirectorResident Director Zayas began working with Repertorio in 2004 when he was selected as a fellow of the Van Lier Young Directors Project. Ever since, he has directed seven productions for the company and was named Resident Director in 2013. His production of Caridad Svich’s The House of the Spirits, based on Isabel Allende’s novel, at Repertorio Español, won multiple ACE and HOLA awards, including best production and director. Other credits with Repertorio include Madre, el drama padre ; Letters to a Mother; Nowhere on the BorderNo Better Friend, No Worse Enemy; In the Time of the Butterflies; and Love in the Time of Cholera, La tia Julia y el escribidor.  Outside of Repertorio Español Zayas has participated as director and assistant for a number of productions.





Zulema Clares ORIGINAL (Color)


Zulema Clares (Berta born in Cuba and holds a degree in Theater Techniques and Choral Direction from Cuba’s National Arts School. She has worked in theater, film, and television as an actress, playwright, and director. In 1996 she co-founded Argos Theater of Cuba and soon after she became one of the most acclaimed actresses of Cuban stage for her work in classics like Strindberg, Brecht, Calderon de la Barca, among others. She also worked as a teacher at Cuba’s National Arts School and made her debut as a theatrical director in 2001 with Thanks Grandma, which she also wrote and starred in. Her film credits include the leading roles of The Nights of ConstantinopleThree Times Two (Silver Zenith First Fiction Feature Film, Montreal 2004) and Long Distance (2008). She won the Best Actress Award at the 2001 Camaguey Theater Festival in Cuba and received multiples HOLA and ACE awards for her work at Repertorio Español. Zulema currently resides in New York. Her credits with Repertorio include The House of Bernarda Alba,The Feast of the GoatLife is a DreamCaptain Pantoja and the Special ServiceAs Five Years Pass, Mariela in the DesertDoña Flor and her two husbands, Love in the Time of Cholera, In the Time of the Butterflies, Cold AirAunt Julia and the Scriptwriter and Miss 744890.





Luis Carlos de la Lombana (Gorka) actor, singer, composer, director and producer hailing from Santander, España. He hold two university degrees, one in acting from the National School of Dramatic Arts in Spain and the in law from the Autonomous University in Madrid. Recently, he co-produced La Strada (The Road), and he is part of the company of actors at Repertorio Español. His credits with Repertorio include:Life is a Dream, Love in the Time of Cholera, Until five Years Pass, Blind date and Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter. As a singer and composer he has worked with the musical group QVINQUE and La Strada. His cinematographic credits include: Las tierras altasThe Red Knott, and the short film Jagger, which was selected for the 2010 Latino Short Film Festival in New York and the 2011 Havana Film Festival in New York. He has received multiple awards including the ACE, ATI and HOLA awards.







Germán Jaramillo (JaimeJaramillo boasts a long line of acting and directing credits in film, television and on stage. Most famously, he starred in the internationally acclaimed “La virgen de los sicarios” (“Our Lady of the Assassins”) which was awarded the Gold Medal in the 2000 Venice Film Festival and gave Jaramillo a nomination for best actor. Other films and TV productions include Caracol Television’s “La bruja” and the Mexican
production, “Huérfanos.” Aside from the screen, Jaramillo also claims an impressive career on stage, including the founding of the Teatro Libre, Colombia’s most important repertory theater, and ID Studio Theater in New York. His credits with Repertorio Español include: Bad Weeds Won’t Die, Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter and Blind Date.






Txemi Parra (Manel)  actor, screenwriter and comedian with more than 15 years of experience in Spain. As an actor he has been featured in television, movies and plays. His screen credits iniclude: El Comisario (The Commissioner), Petra Delicado, 7 vidas (7 Lives), Paraíso (Paradise), La Lola (Lola). He was also one of the first Paramount channel comedians and finalist of El club de la comedia (The Comedy Club). His theater credits include: Cachorros de Negro mirar (Puppies with black sight), which toured around Spain and with Repertorio Español El Quijote. He also opened three plays in the C.C.E. in Miami. He was a screenwriter at Globomedia where he wrote 7 vidas (7 Days), Aída, Los Serrano (The Serrano), El Internado (The Black Lagoon Boarding School) and Águila roja (Red Eagle). As an author he won the award Ciudad de Donosti with La manzana (The Apple). His first novel Los muertos no comen yogures (The Dead Don’t Eat Yogurt) will be published in Spain in 2016Currently he writes and also acts in the web series Bilbainadas en NY.









Soraya Padrao (Silvia)  she began her career in Madrid, where she worked for more than ten years in theater, film andtelevision. In 2008 she made the move to NYC and in 2011 she joined Repertorio Español. Her credits with Repertorio include: La Dama Duende (The Phantom Lady), La Discreta Enamorada (The Discreet Love), La Verdad Sospechosa (The Truth can’t be Trusted), Fuenteovejuna, Crónica de una muerte anuncida (Chronicle of Death Foretold), La zapatera prodigiosa (The Shoemaker’s Prodigious Wife), El amor en los tiempos del Cólera (Love in the time of Cholera). Other theater credits include: New York Nuts 2, An Invisible Piece of this World, and Wearing Lorca’s Bowtie. Her cinematographic credits include: La Herencia (The Inheritance),Valdemar. Moonlight Motel, Cassanova was a Woman, Anomalous, Where Hearts Lie, among others. In television she has been featured in: El Pasado es Mañana (The Past is Tomorrow),Hospital Central (Central Hospital) and Hermanos y Detectives (Brothers and Detectives).




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