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A Letter to Repertorio…

Theatre is definitely a labor of love. At Repertorio we work very hard to make every single production an amazing experience for our audience. It’s especially challenging when our plays are based on historical events as is En el tiempo de la mariposas.

Recently we received a letter from one of our audience members who came to watch En el tiempo de la mariposas with his wife and wanted to express his thoughts on the show. We couldn’t be more moved by the letter so we decided to share it with all our followers.

 “After taking my wife to see the Saturday matinee performance of En el Tiempo de las Mariposas, I felt I needed to write this letter to comment on this magnificent and highly accurate representation of this important even in Dominican history.

This was the first time I had even seen a play totally in Spanish and it was a wonderful learning experience for me. I was able to understand the dialogue since I was already familiar with the events that had transpired.

For my wife, the show was personal. As a young child growing up in Salcedo, my wife would spend time at the Mirabal house where the sisters would play with her (she is a distant cousin). This show brought back many fond memories of the wonderful times my wife spend with the Mirabal family as well as the painful memories of the tragic events that later followed. Three years ago, she returned to Salcedo to visit the Museum that was created to keep the sisters’ memory alive and had the opportunity to speak with Dede. It was quite an emotional time.

Thank you for presenting such a quality performance at your Repertorio Theater.”

To the author of the letter: we are extremely grateful for your kind words and taking the initiative to tell us about your experience. The play is definitely unique in the story it tells and we worked hard to make sure that everyone that sees it can see the passion that was put into its creation.  We hope you come back soon!

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PHOTOS: “Señorita 744890” rehearsal pictures

Last week we heard from Mariana Carreño King on the writing process behind Señorita 744890. Now we’re giving you an exclusive look at the rehearsals for this new production.

Check out some of Michael Palma’s behind the scenes pictures as the actors and crew prepare for the premiere of Señorita 744890 this Friday, February 5th at 8:00 pm.

Michael Palma for Repertorio Senorita Rehearal Camerino

Director Daniel Jáquez with Inés del Castillo

Michael Palma for Repertorio Senorita Rehearsal Camerino 2

Director Daniel Jáquez with assistant director Cristina Viesca and Inés del Castillo

Michael Palma for Repertorio Senorita Rehearal 6

Bobby Plasencia and Zulema Clares

Michael Palma for Repertorio Senorita Rehearal 3

Bobby Plasencia and director Daniel Jáquez

Michael Palma for Repertorio Senorita Rehearal 4

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Surprise! Free Performances

michael palma for rep la zapatera prodigiosa 017

Repertorio Español is very excited to announce a new series of FREE community performances called ¡Repertorio Contigo! Made possible by allocations of New York City Council Members as part of their Cultural Immigrant Initiative.  ¡Repertorio Contigo!  will feature play productions from its acclaimed repertoire at community venues in West Harlem, Turtle Bay and Yorkville in Manhattan, Astoria and Far Rockaway in Queens, and  Mott Haven / Port Morris/Hunts Point in the Bronx.  GRATIS!!!. No charge. Complementary.  Did we mention this is free?

¡Repertorio Contigo!’s first stop: Long Island City High School in Astoria! On Tuesday, January 12th, Repertorio will be presenting two performances of Federico García Lorca’s comedy, La zapatera prodigiosa (The Shoemaker’s Prodigious Wife) – a 1PM reserved for students, and a 7PM open to the general public. One of Repertorio’s most critically acclaimed and popular plays, La zapatera prodigiosa is a colorful, vibrant, and playful experience with live music and a stellar cast including ACE and HOLA award winning actors Zulema Clares and Gerardo Gudiño.

With the aim of bringing culturally relevant programming focused on the history and traditions of immigrant communities in New York City,¡Repertorio Contigo! has received support from Council Members Mark D. Levine, Daniel R. Garodnick, Maria Del Carmen Arroyo, Costa Constantinides, Rosie Mendez and Donovan Richards. Thanks to them, ¡Repertorio Contigo! will bring our most popular productions directly to New York City’s Latino communities!

To reserve your tickets give us a call at (212) 225 9999 and we’ll set your free tickets aside. Check out our website for more dates and venues in your neighborhood at www.repertorio.nyc under “Tours” and “Repertorio Contigo”.

¡Repertorio Contigo!   featured plays include:

La Zapatera Prodigiosa (The Shoemaker’s Prodigious Wife)
By Federico García Lorca | Directed by Andrés Zambrano
michael palma for rep la zapatera prodigiosa 033
Tuesday, January 12th 2016 – 7:00 PM
Long Island City High School 

What happens when a young, flirtatious woman marries a much older, somber shoemaker? In this whimsical (and rarely produced) comedy by Federico García Lorca, hilarity ensues when this off-balanced couple is pushed off the deep end by the town gossips. Incorporating live music into a lively and colorful production, La zapatera prodigiosa is an excellent way to liven up the doldrums of January. Funded by Council Member Costa Constantinides.


La Gringa
By Carmen Rivera | Directed by René Buch
michael palma for repertoriola gringa 2012 028
Tuesday, March 8th – 7:00 PM
High School of Art and Design ( 245 East 56th Street New York, New York 10022 ) 

Thursday, March 24th – 7:00 PM
Far Rockaway Educational Complex (8-21 Beach 25th Street, Far Rockaway, NY )

La Gringa follows the story of María – a New York born Puerto Rican who returns to the island to discover her roots and cultural heritage. Critically acclaimed by everyone from The New York Times to El Diario/La Prensa, La Gringa’s popularity is such that it will be celebrating 20 uninterrupted years on Repertorio’s stage. Funded by Council Member Donovan Richards (Far Rockaway performance) and Council Member Daniel R. Garodnick (High School of Art and Design).



En el tiempo de las mariposas (In the Time of the Butterflies)
By Caridad Svich | Based on the novel by Julia Álvarez | Directed by José Zayas
michael palma for repertorio mariposa 004

Monday, April 11th, 2016 – 7:00 PM
Saint Jean Baptiste High School

Harlem Stage
Date TBA  (Dominican Heritage Month). 

Adapted from Julia Álvarez’s powerful novel of the same name, En el tiempo de las mariposas follows the story of the Mirabal sisters. Throughout the 1950s, the four sisters – Dede, Minerva, Patria and María Teresa – rebelled against the regime of Dominican strongman and dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo. An inspirational tale straight from the pages of history, En el tiempo de las mariposas is an excellent way to delve into the lives of four of Latin America’s most intriguing political figures. Funded by City Council Member Daniel R. Garodnick (Saint Jean Baptiste High School), Mark D. Levine (Harlem Stage).




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Repertorio welcomes a new actress to “La gringa”

dduran_200 (1)

There’s a new gringa in town, and we here at Repertorio are very excited to welcome her!

Meet Darlenis Duran, the fantastic Dominican-American actress who will be taking up the role of María in Carmen Rivera’s iconic play, La gringa as the previous actress, Carissa Toro, will be moving to Los Angeles. A native of The Bronx and the daughter of Dominican parents, Darlenis has an impressive resumé that shows great talent both on the stage and screen.

Currently, you can catch her in the web series “Henry” which has been featured in the New York Television Festival (2013) and the LA Web Series Festival (2014), and on stage she was recently seen in the HOLA Award Winning “Comida de Puta.” Other stage credits include “Here in Vain” by Nadira Simone, “Women of Manhattan,” “Spike Heels,” “Please Have A Seat And Someone Will Be With You Shortly,” and “Women In Motion.” She was runner up on Season 1 of NuvoTV’s Model Latina and since then has appeared in music videos and done several print/commercial work. She has also appeared in various independent films and is AP of HBO/New York International Latino Film Festival winner “Crush.”

Now, Darlenis comes to Repertorio in not just any play, but La gringa, a play that will be celebrating 20 years of continuous performances on our stage. The play follows the story of María, a young woman from New York City of Puerto Rican heritage that ventures to Puerto Rico to discover her roots and bond with her family, discovering the true spirit of what it means to be Puerto Rican. The play is an excellent story with a universal message of acceptance and resounds with any child born in The United States with familial roots abroad. Moreover, the play is a key part of Repertorio’s ¡DIGNIDAD! arts-in-education program, with countless performances of the play a year.

Welcome to Repertorio, Darlenis! The theater is excited to see what your tenure as “la gringa” will be.


For more information on Darlenis, visit her website www.darlenisduran.com.

La gringa is performed throughout the year. For more information, check out the production’s webpage on Repertorio’s website, www.repertorio.nyc.





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PHOTOS: Mario Vargas-Llosa Visits Repertorio Español to see “Tía Julia y el escribidor”

Michael Palma forRepertorio Vargas Llosa Reception Visit 018

On Saturday, October 17th, Nobel Prize Winner Mario Vargas Llosa paid a visit to Repertorio Español to see a performance of “Tía Julia and the Scriptwriter,” an adaptation of his mostly autobiographical novel of the same name. WIth a VIP cocktail sponsored by Pisco Portón and together with friends, contributors and board members, familia Repertorio had a magical night with one of the most iconic literary figures alive today.

Check out some of Michael Palma’s excellent shots of the evening below, and see a performance of “Tía Julia and the Scriptwriter” here at Repertorio! For tickets, click here.

Michael Palma forRepertorio Vargas Llosa Reception Visit 021

Mario Vargas Llosa, board member María Cristina Anzola and playwright Juan Claudio Lechín.

Michael Palma forRepertorio Vargas Llosa Reception Visit 018

Mario Vargas Llosa with Playwright Caridad Svich and Director José Zayas

Michael Palma forRepertorio Vargas Llosa Reception Visit 009

Mario Vargas Llosa at the VIP Cocktail at I Trulli

Michael Palma forRepertorio Vargas Llosa Reception Visit 020

Mario Vargas Llosa with playwright Caridad Svich and José Zayas.

Michael Palma forRepertorio Vargas Llosa Reception Visit 023

Mario Vargas Llosa with Board Member Francisco Martínez

Michael Palma forRepertorio Vargas Llosa Reception Visit 025

Theresa González and Deyanira Martínez of The New York Times.

Michael Palma forRepertorio Vargas Llosa Reception Visit 035

Mario Vargas Llosa took in a performance of “Tía Julia and the Scriptwriter” – based on his largely autobiographical novel of the same name.

Michael Palma forRepertorio Vargas Llosa Reception Visit 040

Mario Vargas Llosa with Founding Artistic Director René Buch.

Michael Palma forRepertorio Vargas Llosa Reception Visit 042

Writer Wendy Gimble was also present at the event.

Michael Palma forRepertorio Vargas Llosa Reception Visit 043

Executive Chef of Goya Foods, Fernando Desa and his wife, Claudia, snap a picture with the writer before the start of the 2nd act.

Michael Palma forRepertorio Vargas Llosa Reception Visit 045

Executive Producer Robert Weber Federico, Board Member María Cristina Anzola and playwright Juan Claudio Lechín.

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GUEST POST: Caridad Svich Describes her Inspiration for “Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter”

Michael Palma for Repertorio Tia Julia 016
OBIE Award winning playwright Caridad Svich

OBIE Award winning playwright Caridad Svich

Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter is a multi-faceted, exuberant novel by Mario Vargas Llosa. It tells the provocative and mischievously autobiographical coming-of-age story of a young college student named Mario, who wants to be a writer, and two people he meets when he is eighteen years old whom will change his life forever: his aunt-in-law Julia, a 32-old divorcee and a scriptwriter named Pedro Camacho.

The novel is poised somewhat classically (in theme) in the tug of war between the Apollonian and Dionysian impulses in human beings, examining the latter as a central life force that can turn destructive.  As a playwright, my way into interpreting and re-imagining Vargas Llosa’s novel for the stage has been to approach the material from several perspectives. First of all to allow the audience to enter into its situational comedy from gentle and boisterous positions – to see this story as a comedy of misrule and disorder as well as a big-hearted romance that examines the performance of everyday life, and the masks we wear (and need not wear) to live, love and survive. In the play of AUNT JULIA AND THE SCRIPTWRITER, everyone is playing a role in the drama of their life, not to mention the dramas being enacted in the radio shows which Pedro Camacho writes, some of which we glimpse, and some which we see being written. The play also serves as a winking homage to Hollywood’s classic screwball comedies with nods to Ernst Lubitsch, Marx Brothers, and the complex romantic comedies directed by George Cukor and Howard Hawks. In fact, the spirit of “screwball” influenced, in great part, my approach to this sometimes raucous but also tender love story. It is a tale that is anchored, after all, in what may be perceived as a transgressive romance between an older woman and a young man. This transgression plays out amongst a portrait of mostly middle-class characters living in Lima, Peru in the 1950s.

Parallel to this love story is another kind of love story – and that is the one between a writer and his craft and art. Pedro Camacho, the scriptwriter, is one of the novel’s most extravagant and memorable creations; he is the prototype of the “mad genius,” and he also serves as Mario’s mentor, and the story’s elastic heart. If Mario represents a kind of lightness, or perhaps even the callowness of youth, then Camacho is the story’s mysterious, volatile darkly comic, melancholic center. The writer of radio dramas that in this day we might call “pulp” stories or associate chiefly with the form that has become “telenovelas,” Camacho is a figure that disrupts, with his storytelling, the status quo. He rages against a society of spectacle and moreover, one that wishes to tie art’s function to a profit motive.  Camacho rails against society and his own impulses. He is the play’s sad clown and Quixote figure, albeit with elements of both Quixote and Sancho Panza, and Mario, the budding writer who becomes his protégé, is the refractive lens through which we see this complex man.

Of course, the play and the novel on which it is based rests on Julia – a strong, passionate, intelligent, sensual woman who is both of her time and very much ahead of her time. What can I say about her? She is something. She is, yes, something else. A force of nature. A powerful spirit. A muse to inspire us all. But at day’s end, a radiant, complicated woman who follows both her heart and mind, as she remakes her life.

So, call this a love letter. Of sorts. To theatre, to writing, to being in and out of love, to relishing the ironic, mocking, beautiful, outrageous drama of life itself, and to the stories that live in our imaginations when we gather in the dark (or light) to try to make sense of our lives.

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It’s the HOLA awards again, mi gente!


It’s HOLA awards season! Every year, the prestigious HOLA (Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors) awards take place in the scenic Battery Gardens to award the incredible Latino talent in our entertainment industry. An excellent way to recap the fantastic stage productions, television shows and films that Latinos have produced or acted in, the HOLA Awards are a time honored tradition that affirms the strength of Latinos in American entertainment.

Now let’s take a look at some of Repertorio’s winners of this year!

Oustanding Performance by a Male Actor
Germán Jaramillo in Hierba mala nunca muere

Michael Palma for Repertorio Hierba Mala 082

Germán Jaramillo’s acclaimed performance as Fidel Castro in Hierba mala nunca muere garnered much attention for his hyper-realistic and excellent job at portraying the dying dictator. Even The New York Times did a double take, with a rave review of his acting followed by a segment of their “In Performance” series profiling the veteran actor.

For tickets to Hierba mala nunca muere, click here

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor
Zulema Clares in Aire frío 

michael palma for repertorio aire frio 001

Zulema Clares is no stranger to the HOLA Awards, having taken the awards by storm consecutively for years. This award, however, is special – her performance as Luz Marina Romaguera in Aire frío is her first role where the Cuban actress plays a Cuban role.

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor
Idalmis García in Hierba mala nunca muere

Michael Palma for Repertorio Hierba Mala 056

Idalmis García is quickly garnering attention for her talent on stage and on screen. Her role in Hierba mala nunca muere was a particularly challenging role, specifically her need to perform in Spanish with a Russian accent.

Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble Cast
Pablo Andrade, Annia Bu, Zulema Clares, Idalmis García, ERick González, Sandor Juan, Ana Margarita Martínez-Casado, Mario Mattei, Frank Robles for Aire frío

Qué felices son las Barbies!

Aire frío was written by Virgilio Piñera in the 1960s, and is a mostly autobiographical account of his growing up in 1940s-1950s Cuba. The play was staged on Repertorio’s stage in what can only be called an extraordinarily beautiful production.

Oustanding Achievement in Direction
Leyma López for Aire frío 


Leyma López has recently taken New York’s Hispanic stages by storm, with plays like El loco por fuerzaNoche tan linda (PRTT/PREGONES) and Hierba mala nunca muere. Aire frío, however, is especially close to the young director’s heart – she delved into the world of Virgilio Piñera and completed in depth research about the writer before directing the award winning play.

Gilberto Zaldívar Award for Outstanding Dramatic Production
Aire frío

Qué felices son las Barbies!

For tickets and more information about the HOLA Awards, visit their website at www.hellohola.org, and to see Repertorio’s fabulous winners this year, visit Repertorio’s webpage www.repertorio.nyc or call 212-225-9999. 

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