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Springs brings “La fiaca” Starring Francisco Gattorno

A few months ago we shared some of the projects in store for 2017 which included the remake of the world-wide success comedy “La fiaca” starring Francisco Gattorno.  We are happy to share he official premiere date will be Saturday, May 27th at 8:00 PM!

But first a few facts you should know about this production:

  1. Get ready to laugh! If you’ve seen Francisco Gattorno in “Doña Flor y sus dos maridos” he does a great job at making everyone in the audience laugh (and blush) through the entire show. Well this show will not be the exception!
  2. “La fiaca” was already produced by Repertorio Español in 1976! Yup, this isn’t a new show to us but because of its incredible success we just had to bring it back.
  3. That doesn’t mean if you’ve seen it before you don’t need to see it now. This re-make offers a new cast, a new director and new vision on stage
  4. Tickets are already on sale! Click the link and get yours now:

Here is a sneak-peek what’s in store next month!

Michael Palma Mir Repertorio La Fiaca 010

Francisco Gattorno as Nestor and Tatiana Vecino as his mom

Michael Palma Mir Repertorio La Fiaca 024

Zulema Clares as Martha

Michael Palma Mir Repertorio La Fiaca 072

Francisco Gattorno, Tatiana Vecino and Zulema Clares


All photos by: Michael Palma Mir