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School Time! Taking a Field Trip to Repertorio Español


The school year is about to begin, and no school year is complete without a field trip to Repertorio Español. For decades, Repertorio has played host to tens of thousands of students, many of whom have never been to a theater before. It is here that they can see the books they’re reading in class come to life on stage whether it’s Bernarda Alba, the novels of Gabriel García Márquez, the plays of Federico García Lorca, the theatrical adaptation of El Quijote or historical dramas like En el tiempo de las mariposas.

Plays are always followed by a Q&A session with Executive Producer Robert Weber Federico himself – a rare opportunity in any theater – where the students and teachers can begin the conversation directly after the play, with the experts still on stage.

Part of Repertorio Español’s arts-in-education program, ¡DIGNIDAD!, these field trips are incredibly important and add a much needed dose of performing arts to student’s academic careers. Not all students, however, have the resources to enjoy the arts, and in line with its mission of making the arts accessible to all, Repertorio subsidizes ticket prices for many students and schools. This, however, is impossible to do without the support of audience-members and Repertorio-fans like yourself. Consider making a donation on Repertorio’s website so that we can continue to assure that no one is unable to visit the theater because of a lack-of-resources, and check out some of the great plays that are a hit with our student groups!

Crónica de una muerte anunciada

michael palma for repertorio cronica 021

An adaptation of one of Nobel Prize Winning Gabriel García Marquez’s novel of the same name, this action packed play delves deep into a small town with a dark secret in 1950s Colombia. A message of social responsibility runs strong in this story, and the direction of the renowned director Jorge Alí Triana makes for an unforgettable and chilling experience in this excellent production.

La gringa


An excellent choice, particularly for beginners in Spanish language, La gringa follows the story of María, a Puerto Rican girl from New York City who goes to Puerto Rico to find her roots. The play concentrates on a theme of belonging and origins, while exploring the complexity of culture and belonging. Written by playwright Carmen Rivera, the play will be celebrating 20 years on Repertorio’s stage!

Amor en los tiempos del cólera

michael palma for rep love in the time-500-8

One of Gabriel García-Márquez’s most renowned novels, this adaptation by playwright Caridad Svich dives into the romantic mind of Florentino Ariza who spends 50 years in love with Fermina Daza. Starring artists Zulema Clares and Luis Carlos de la Lombana – two of the most recognizable faces of the Hispanic stage – El amor en los tiempos del cólera is an excellent and passionate love story that stays true to the epic novel of the same name.

La zapatera prodigiosa

michael palma for rep la zapatera prodigiosa 008

La zapatera prodigiosa is a rare treat – one of the least produced comedies by the famous playwright Federico García Lorca. Unlike the somber La casa de Bernarda Alba (see below), La zapatera prodigiosa is a funny and clever comedy about a woman married to a much older man, and the toll that the town gossips take on their relationship. With live music and vibrant costumes and scenery, La zapatera prodigiosa is an excellent, fun, and educational way to spend a field trip!

La casa de Bernarda Alba

michael palma for repertorio alba 012

Federico García Lorca’s most iconic play, La casa de Bernarda Alba is a dark journey into a world of women run by a totalitarian mother. Directed by Artistic Founder of Repertorio, René Buch, this play stays true to its original direction for an explosive journey into this troubled world conjured by García Lorca.

El Quijote

Qué felices son las Barbies!

Directed by renowned director Jorge Alí Triana, El Quijote is a carnival-like adventure into the world of Don Quijote, the famous man of La Mancha and his sidekick, Sancho Panza. A vibrant and action filled journey into the fantastical world of the modern world’s first novel, the play is the perfect choice for teachers who have added the book to their curriculum and want to have their students see it come to life!

Olga Pericet: Flamenco sin título

Michael Palma for Repertorio Olga Pericet 015

Flamenco star Olga Pericet has taken New York City by storm since the premiere of her show, Flamenco sin título here at Repertorio this past April. She has also opted to provide some performances tailor made to school groups during the second run of her show this November. Only for a limited time, taking students to see Olga Pericet: Flamenco sin título is a magical experience in one of New York’s hottest and most critically acclaimed Flamenco performances.

En el tiempo de las mariposas

michael palma for repertorio mariposa 004

Based on the Julia Álvarez novel of the same name, En el tiempo de las mariposas is a historical drama that follows the story of the Mirabal Sisters, four human-rights activists who defied the reign of terror of Dominican strongman Rafael Leonidas Trujillo. Hailed by audiences, critics, Ms. Álvarez and even the families of the sisters themselves, En el tiempo de las mariposas brings to life on of the most critical moments of Latin American history that to this day affects Dominican and Latin American politics.