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Repertorio Español’s 46th Season Launch Party

Director Jorge Alí Triana and Fulvia Vergel.

After a sneak peak of Repertorio’s new comedy, “La nena se casa” (premiering September 19th), friends, donors, and staff of Repertorio Español gathered to celebrate the launch of our 46th season. In attendance were Board Members Roger & Sava Thomas, Lawrence Small and his wife Sandra; Advisory Board Members Tony Rodríguez, Joel Epstein and Myriam Castillo; Ginny Louloudes from ART New York, various members of our company of actors and the three directors with plays this season: Jorge Alí Triana, Andres Zambrano and Resident Director José Zayas.

The 46th Season Launch Party is part of a new series of signature events exclusively for Repertorio Español’s donors and supporters who play a critical part in assuring Repertorio Español can continue its dedication to artistic excellence.

Our next event will be our Opening Night Brindis (Toast) for “La nena se casa,” taking place on Friday, September 20th. If you are interested in becoming part of this family of donors who share our vision and dedication to the community, CLICK HERE.

For tickets for “La nena se casa” CLICK HERE.

Photos by Michael Palma 

Sandra Small, Lawrence Small

Sandra & Lawrence Small

Myriam Castillo, Sava Thomas

Myriam Castillo & Sava Thomas

Laurie Beckelman, Roger Thomas

Laurie Beckelman & Roger Thomas

Sandra & Lawrence Small with Laurie Beckelman

Sandra & Lawrence Small with Laurie Beckelman

Robert Federico, John Alexander, Felinda Mottino

Robert Federico, John Alexander & Felinda Mottino

Ginny Louloudes, José Antonio Cruz

Ginny Louloudes & José Antonio Cruz

Director Jorge Alí Triana and Fulvia Vergel.

Director Jorge Alí Triana & Fulvia Vergel.

Nelson Landrieu, Sandor Juan,  Frank Rodríguez

Nelson Landrieu, Sandor Juan & Frank Rodríguez

Laurie Beckelman, Lawrence Small,  José Zayas

Laurie Beckelman, Lawrence Small & José Zayas

Jorge Alí Triana, María Cristina Fusté

Jorge Alí Triana & María Cristina Fusté

Wanda Arriaga, Frank Rodríguez

Wanda Arriaga and Frank Rodríguez.