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Michael Palma for Repertorio VL Laurel de Apollo 046
Photo by Michael Palma Mir: El Laurel de Apolo, directed by Estefanía Fadul (Van Lier 2014-2015).

REPERTORIO ESPAÑOL, the nation’s pre-eminent Spanish language theater, is proud to announce the 2022-2023 The New York Community Trust Van Lier Fellowship for Directors. This fellowship enables emerging Latine/Latinx directors the unique opportunity to mount two professional theater productions at Repertorio Español.

The requirements for the Van Lier Fellowship include that candidates must be Hispanic/Latinx, 30 years old or younger, having completed a BA or MFA in dramatic arts, and must not be currently enrolled in any university or a full-time theatre training program. They must live in one of the five boroughs of New York City, plan to remain in New York City, and be citizens or permanent residents of the United States. Ideal fellows have some previous experience in directing, an integral knowledge of classical Spanish theatre, contemporary Latin American theatre as well as a familiarity of Hispanic-American playwrights.

The Van Lier Fellowship gave me my first opportunity to find my voice as a director. To this day, it has been one of the most fruitful experiences of my life and it opened my possibilities by giving me the opportunity to work in Spanish. I highly recommend this to all young Latinx directors who are looking for grow in their careers. — Victoria Collado (Van Lier 2014-2015).

Three directors will be chosen to participate in the Van Lier Fellowship based on their production proposals and in-person interviews. Fellows will direct two distinct works in Spanish over two summers. The first round of productions will be contemporary works written in Spanish or works by Latinx playwrights which will happen in the summer of 2022. Round two will be plays from the Siglo de Oro (Spain’s Golden Age) which will happen in the summer of 2023.

DEADLINE is Tuesday, February 1, 2022, timestamp. Applicants must write (in English or Spanish) proposals for the 2 productions they wish to direct. For an application, please send an e-mail expressing your interest to with the words “Van Lier” in the subject line. More information is available on the website

The Van Lier Experience changed my life! I had just moved to NYC after graduating from college and I didn’t really know anyone in the city. After receiving The Van Lier Fellowship at Repertorio Español, I met a community of artists that has become a sort of substitute family. I was able to discover and develop my own voice as a theater director in a professional setting while working on plays that mattered to me. The experience gave me the freedom and the challenges to allow me to grow into the director I am today. — Diego Chiri (Van Lier 2014-2015).

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