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It’s time for ACE Awards


It’s that great time of year, deep in winter when Repertorio gets to celebrate the recognition it has garnered by the ACE Awards.

The ACE (Asociación de Cronistas de Espectáculos or The Association of Latin Entertainment Critics) is one of the most prestigious and unique awards for Latino artists and productions. Founded in 1967, the organization is dedicated to the continued support of Latino arts and entertainment and is internationally recognized.

This year, ACE Awards are raining on the cast and team of Virgilio Piñera’s Aire frío, directed by the talented Leyma López. Barceló con hielo‘s Fernando Then will also be taking home an award, as will Federico García Lorca’s La zapatera prodigiosa for Best Comedy.

To find out more information about the ACE and their activities, you can go to http://www.premiosace.org/.

Best Actress (Drama)
Zulema Clares in Aire frío 

michael palma for repertorio aire frio 001

Zulema Clares has been recognized by the ACE as Best Actress (Drama) for her role of Luz Marina Romaguera in Virgilio Piñera’s play, Aire frío.

Outstanding Character Actress
Ana Margarita Martínez Casado in Aire frío 

Qué felices son las Barbies!

One of the most prolific actresses of the Latino stage, Ana Margarita Martínez Casado will receive the award for her performance as Ana in Virgilio Piñera’s Aire frío.

Best Supporting Actor
Tie between Fernando Then in Barceló con hielo and Erick González in Aire frío 

michael palma for repertorio barcelo 106

It’s a tie in this category! Both Fernando Then and Erick González will be recognized in a tie for Best Supporting Actor. Then for his role as Joaquín Balaguer in Barceló con hielo and González for his role in Aire frío.

Best Director (Drama)
Leyma López for Aire frío 

Leyma López B&W

Young Cuban director Leyma López has had a huge year! With multiple productions in multiple theatres, López has become an incredible force in Latino theatre. She is winning Best Director (Drama) for her production, Aire frío.

Best Set Design
Robert Weber Federico for Aire frío 

michael palma for repertorio aire frio 010

Executive Producer of Repertorio Español, Robert Weber Federico, designed the intricate set of Aire frío, a feat being recognized by the ACE Awards by his winning of Best Set Design.

Best Production (Drama)
Aire frío by Virgilio Piñera

Qué felices son las Barbies!

Aside from the tremendous amount of awards for it’s cast and production team, Aire frío will also be taking the award for Best Production (Drama).

Best Production (Comedy)
La zapatera prodigiosa by Federico García Lorca

michael palma for rep la zapatera prodigiosa 033

In addition to Aire frío, another big Repertorio hit, Federico García Lorca’s La zapatera prodigiosa has been awarded with Best Production (Comedy). Bravo!


Gerardo Gudiño wins a Special Recognition for his talented acting as well as for just generally being awesome.