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Don’t miss the last 2 performances of Señorita 744890

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Photo by Michael Palma

This past February Repertorio welcomed the premiere of Metlife “Nuestras Voces” National Playwright Competition 2014 winning play Señorita 744890 by Mariana Carreño King. This play has proven to be unique because as described by Carlos Navedo from Impacto Latin News “…the production, the direction, and the script are superb.” For 90 minutes we embark on a journey that makes us laugh, gasp and even question reality versus imagination. This play composed only of 3 characters—Maria, a voice, and the corrections officer Howard—has enchanted our audience.

Michael Palma for Repertorio Senorita 055.jpgPhoto by Michael Palma

However, Señorita 744890 could not have been such an outstanding play without the passion and preparation of the actors behind each character. Maria, also known as señorita 744890, is portrayed by Zulema Clares who once again showed us all she is a multifaceted actress. Maria finds herself in solitary confinement and is tortured by a voice that doesn’t leave her alone; Zulema embraced this tortured character and for the length of the play we forget it’s an actress interpreting a role and we believe Maria is walking on stage trying to escape her reality and the voice that torments her.

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Behind this voice is Ines Del Castillo, who makes her presence felt on stage. Like a shadow not leaving Maria alone, Ines drives Maria to ultimately accept this voice as her new cellmate. Last but certainly not least, Howard–the corrections officer responsible for guarding Maria’s cell–is played by Bobby Plasencia. Bobby showcases the strictness and discipline we image an officer in a jail would have but simultaneously shows the audience the human side of Howard. Without this triplet, along with the exceptional writing of Mariana Carreño King and the stellar direction of Daniel Jáquez, Senorita 744890 could not have been the beautiful production it has turned out to be.

Michael Palma for Repertorio Senorita 102.jpgPhoto by Michael Palma

With only two performances left, one this Friday March 25th at 8:00pm and the last performance on April 3rd at 6:30pm, this is an experience you can’t miss!

Check out this short clip of Señorita 748890 here: Señorita 744890 (Miss 744890)

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