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PHOTOS: En el nombre de Salomé

Michael Palma Mir Repertorio Salome 089

The opening of “En el nombre de Salomé” was fantastic!

Get a little taste of this new production with these beautiful photographs by Michael Palma Mir.

Don’t forget to purchase your tickets here,

Michael Palma Mir Repertorio Salome 022

Dalia Davi as Salome Ureña and Fermin Suarez as her father Nicolás Ureña

Michael Palma Mir Repertorio Salome 010

Dalia Davi as Salomé and Maite Bonilla as Ramona

Michael Palma Mir Repertorio Salome 073

Jesus Martínez as Sylvestre, Zulema Clares as Camila and Diana Pou as Natalia

Michael Palma Mir Repertorio Salome 051

Zulema Clares as Camila and Darlenis Duran as Marion

Michael Palma Mir Repertorio Salome 074

Jerry Soto as Francisco and Dalia Davi as Salomé

Michael Palma Mir Repertorio Salome 019

Zulema Clares as Camila and Francis Mateo as Pedro

Michael Palma Mir Repertorio Salome 007

Zulema Clares as Camila and Dalia David as Salomé

Michael Palma Mir Repertorio Salome 071

Dalia Davi as Salomé, Johary Ramos as Eugenio de Hostos and Jerry Soto as Francisco

Michael Palma Mir Repertorio Salome 037

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ACE Awards 2017 Nominees ARE IN!!

Michael Palma for Repertorio Pre Prod Burundanga 016

The ACE Award nominees are in and we are extremely grateful to have our talent and productions recognized this year for our work. We also want to congratulate all the other nominees recognized this year, all the hard work does pay off!

Here’s rundown of all the nomination for the 2017 Ace Awards:

Best Actor – Comedy 

Txemi Parra, Burundanga, Repertorio Español


Best Actor – Musical Theater

Rafael Beato, La canción, Repertorio Español

Juan Luis Espinal, La canción, Repertorio Español


Best Actress – Musical Theater

Zulema Clares, La canción, Repertorio Español

Indra Palomo, La canción, Repertorio Español


Best Co-Protagonist Actor

German Jaramillo, Burundanga, Repertorio Español

Luis Carlos de la Lombana, Burundanga, Repertorio Español


Best Co-Protagonist Actress 

Soraya Padrao, Burundanga, Repertorio Español


Best Production – Comedy 

Burundanga, Repertorio Español


Best Production – Musical Theater

La canción, Repertorio Español

Olga Pericet, Mosaico, Repertorio Español


Best Director – Comedy

José Zayas, Burundanga, Repertorio Español


Best Director – Musical Theater 

Edward Torres, La canción, Repertorio Español


Best Director – Music and Dance Production

Olga Pericet, Olga Pericet, Mosaico, Repertorio Español


Best Scenery 

Leni Mendez-Robert Federico, Burundanga, Repertorio Español


Best Lighting Design

Manuel Da Silva, Burundanga, Repertorio Español


Best Sound 

Daniel M. Lawson, Burundanga, Repertorio Español


Special Awards 

 Monica Villa, La caja magica y las palabras perdidas, presented at Repertorio Español

Carlos Kaspar, Paulo Brunetti, Oscar Barney Finn, Poder Absolutopresented at Repertorio Español


For additional information visit,

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Photos: “La canción”

Michael Palma Mir for Repertorio La Cancion 103

After years of writing, months of planning and casting, weeks of rehearsals all that hard work really paid off. For the past weeks we’ve mentioned the amazing work happening in our theater and the talent and potential that was just exploding each day during rehearsals. You also heard about the special bonds formed  among the actors and creative team making the arduous process enjoyable!

The audience cheered every time Poco Loco came on stage, they felt touched by Rafa’s search for himself and then laughed again with Star’s random comments. When Muerte took over the stage we all wanted to have the lyrics to rap along with him or be one of the back-up dancers and when Rafael told his love story with Jenny the “awes” were inevitable.

The ladies didn’t stay behind. Cuca and Woo woo stormed the stage with their dancing, Angie and Jenny left us gasping with their melodic voice and can we all have a grandma like Rafa’s Abuela?

If you haven’t visited us you really should and enjoy this amazing production, in the meantime, here a some photos taken by the Michael Palma Mir.


Angie (Diana Pou) and Rafa (Rafael Beato)

Rafa (Rafael Beato) and Angie (Diana Pou)

La Muerte (Gabriel Hernandez) and his back-up dancers.

La Muerte (Gabriel Hernandez) and his back-up dancers.

Michael Palma Mir for Repertorio La Cancion 101

Rafael (Varín Ayala), Abuela (Zulema Clares), Rafa (Rafael Beato) and Jenny (Indra Palomo)

Woo Woo (Maria Cotto), Star (Juan Luis Espinal), Cuca (Jennyvette Vega) and Rafa (Rafael Beato)

Woo Woo (Maria Cotto), Star (Juan Luis Espinal), Cuca (Jennyvette Vega) and Rafa (Rafael Beato)

Michael Palma Mir for Repertorio La Cancion 112

Marisela (Jennyvette Vega) and Poco Loco (Flaco Navaja)

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La canción goes to Queens!

Twitter Cancion

We can’t hide our excitement for Cándido Tirado’s “La canción”! Through this new production we’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with director Edward Torres and Latin Grammy winner Vico C. but that’s just the beginning.

Sunday, September 18th we’ll be part of  Carnaval De La Cultura Latina and as a special treat we will be sharing with everyone a live sneak peak of “La canción”. We are overjoyed and grateful for this opportunity and can’t wait too see all your there!


When: Sunday, September 18, 2016

Time: 12 PM to 6 PM

Where: Junction Boulevard between Roosevelt Avenue and 37th Avenue


To learn more about Carnaval De La Cultura Latina make sure to check-out their website here:

For tickets to “La canción” premiering September 23rd, 2016 at 8pm, visit our website here:

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Meet the guys in “La canción”

Michael Palma Mir Repertorio La Cancion Pre Production 004

Last week’s post was dedicated to the gals behind “La canción”. This week we dedicate this post to the talented guys in the cast of this new musical production written by Cándido Tirado, directed by Edward Torres and featuring 14 new songs from Urban Music pioneer Vico C.



Rafael Beato – Rafa

Born in the Dominican Republic, Rafael moved to New York City in 2013 to study at The Lee Strasberg Theater & Film institute. Upon completion, Rafael worked in various TV shows like “The Hunt with John Walsh, “On The Case with Paula Zahn” for Investigation Discovery ID,  and “Young Deadly Love” produced and aired by MTV. He also stars in the short film “Reason” which was shot in Lima, Peru last year, and is currently being submitted to a variety of  international film festivals. In theatre, he has originated the roles of several new pieces; “Sunday en la casa de Granma” written by Cándido Tirado and Ybor City and Dealing the Odds.

“I believe in magic (seriously the Harry Potter Kind) and I’m a Yoga lover. I’m excited to make my Repertorio Español Debut. Thank you Mom and Dad without you I wouldn’t be here. I got casted as “Tall Kid” in a film  and I’m 5’7 you get the picture. Believe!” 



Juan Luis Espinal – Star

Born and raised in the Dominican Republic. He is a graduate of the Lee Strasberg Theater & Film Institute. NY Theater/Tours credits include: Devil and The Deep (Rick) w/music and lyrics by  Graham Russell (Air Supply), Ybor City (Gomez), Truce (Ithamar Xavier), The Faraways on Tour (Swing). In Dominican Republic his credits include: Godspell (Jesus), Rent (Benny), High School Musical On Stage (Chad Danforth), Hairspray (Fender) .

“Thank you God for giving me the chance of doing what I love, to my family and friends for all your support.”

Gabriel Hernandez 2

Gabriel Hernández – Muerte 

Rapper, pianist, and actor from Hoboken, New Jersey. He graduated from Yale University in 2008 and went on to teach high school theater in his hometown until deciding to pursue a career as a full-time artist. So he was broke, and now he’s still broke. He was recently seen in the Pregones productions of The Marchers and The Desire of the Astronaut, and Teatro SEA’s touring show The Dropouts. Additionally, some of his favorite roles have been in Aaron Jafferis’ Kingdom, Cándido Tirado’s Momma’s Boyz, and José Rivera’s References to Salvador Dalí Make Me Hot. In May 2017, he will perform in the production of El Bolero Fue Mi Ruina at the Puerto Rican Traveling Theater.

” Honored to be a part of this amazing piece. Thanks Cándido, Eddie, and Vico C, The Philosopher himself, for the opportunity.”


F. Navaja 2015 1

Flaco Navaja – Poco Loco

Singer, poet, actor born and raised in the Bronx–if Héctor Lavoe Boxed Rubén Blades and KRS-1 was the referee you’d get Flaco–Navaja’s original style of poetry combines singing, beat-boxing, and spoken word. In 2003, he toured internationally with the Tony Award winning Russell Simmons’ DEF POETRY JAM and he has appeared on four episodes of the HBO series. In 2013 Navaja received a BRIO award for Vocal Performance from The Bronx Council on the Arts. Navaja is a member of Screen Actors Guild and has appeared in several films & television shows including: Pride & Glory, Fighting, Gun Hill Road, Law & Order, CSI NY and web series EASTWILLYB.

 ” Happy to return to Repertorio Español in another beautiful play written by Cándido Tirado!”



Varín Ayala – Rafael 

 NY Theater: The Taming of the Shrew (TFANA with Maggie Siff, dir by Arin Arbus); Contigo (Signature/Columbia Stages); 365 Days/Plays (The Public); Jackson Heights 3AM (Theater 167): Las Facultades, The Beep (Pregones); Barber Surgeons (Studio 42); End of Summer, Love’s Labour’s Lost (Kaleidoscope at Cherry Lane); Numerous readings and workshops at Second Stage, NYTW, The Public, Soho Rep, Clubbed Thumb, INTAR, The Lark, Two River, and The Jewish Plays Project, among others. Regional Theater: Ropes, Pinkolandia (Two River Theater); The Motherf**er with the Hat (TheaterWorks), The Road to Washington (Mountain Playhouse), Angels in America I/II (Civic Theater of Allentown). TV:  Lie to Me, Hustling. Numerous national commercials and voice overs.

” Thrilled to be making my Repertorio Español debut! “

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Meet the Gals in “La canción”

Girls first, right? This week we are dedicating this post to the ladies that will spice up our stage on September 23rd in “La canción: El Musical” written by Cándido Tirado, directed by Edward Torres and featuring original songs from Vico C!



Zulema Clares – Abuela

Born in Cuba and holds a degree in Theater Techniques and Choral Direction from Cuba’s National Arts School.  She has worked in theater, film, and television as an actress, playwright, and director.  In 1996 she co-founded Argos Theater of Cuba and soon after she became one of the most acclaimed actresses of Cuban stage for her work in classics like Strindberg, Brecht, Calderon de la Barca, among others.  She worked as a teacher at Cuba’s National Arts School and made her debut as a theatrical director in 2001 with Thanks Grandma, which she also wrote and starred in.  Her film credits include the leading roles of The Nights of Constantinople, Three Times Two, (Silver Zenith First Fiction Feature Film, Montreal 2004) and Long Distance (2008).  She won the Best Actress Award at the 2001 Camaguey Theater Festival in Cuba and received multiples HOLA and ACE awards for her work at Repertorio Español.  Zulema currently resides in New York.  Her credits with Repertorio include The House of Bernarda Alba, The Feast of the Goat, Life is a Dream, Captain Pantoja and the Special Service, As Five Years Pass, Mariela in the Desert, Doña Flor and her two husbands, Love in the Time of Cholera, In the Time of the Butterflies, Cold Air, Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter and Miss 744890.


Diana Pou- Headshot Color

Diana Pou – Angie 

Singer, actress, dancer from the Dominican Republic. New York trained actress from The American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA), William Esper Studio and Steps On Broadway. Theatre credits include: ”In The Time Of The Butterflies” (Maria Teresa Mirabal);  “In The Heights” (Vanessa); “High School Musical On Stage” (Gabriella Montez); “The Scent Of The Female” (Medea Sanjurjo); “Manuel vs. The Statue Of Liberty” (Yolanda), among others. Her credits on TV & Film include: ”CSI – NY, Season 7” and the campaign ”Take Control” for Optimum Latino.



Maria Cotto – Woo Woo

 Also known as “Milly” or “Mila” Cotto, was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She completed a Bachelor of Education in Theatre at the University of Puerto Rico in Rio Piedras. Her physical training includes, ballet, modern dance, belly dance, sword dance, flamenco and krav maga. Every summer since 2014, she performs her beloved character “El Billetero”, as part of La Marqueta Retoña in Manhattan’s El Barrio neighborhood. She was nominated for an ATI Award, in the category of Best Supporting Actress, for the role as “La Mujer” in the play Federico Garcia Lorca Vuelve a Nacer for the Lorca al Desnudo Festival II (2015). On May of this year, at the Loisaida Festival, she presented her most recent solo dance stilt performance as part of the Mezcolanza event named “I am STILT”. She is also a member artist of The Society of the Educational Arts, Inc. (SEA).



Indra Palomo – Jenny 

 Singer and actress  in born the beautiful city of Mérida, México. In her hometown she stared in productions such as: Into the Woods, Nunsense, Cinderella, Annie, El Traje de Novia and The Bald Soprano. She moved to NYC to pursue her career in musical theater, and graduated from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. She has been performing in New York with the Latino Children’s Theater: Teatro SEA. She has also toured with Teatro SEA internationally and within the US with several productions such as: Martina, the Little Roach, The toothache of King Farfán, The Billy-Club Puppets, among others. She was nominated for Best Actress in a Musical for her performance as Rosita in the Billy-Club Puppets, by The Association of Latin Entertainment Critics of New York (Premios ACE). She is very proud and excited to be part of Repertorio Español’s new production: La Canción.



Jenyvette Vegas – Cuca  Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Studied Musical Theatre at Circle in the Square Theatre School, from which she graduated in 2014. Recent credits include: Dash doll/Kylie Kat in Katdashians the Musical; Mona in Come back to the Five and Dime Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean; Randy in Batboy: The Musical. Recently she was featured in the New York Daily News in the editorial “Wait for this”. This is her debut with Repertorio Español and she couldn’t be more excited! Thankful for her family and friends’ support. ¡Los amo!

Be sure to get your tickets here:

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Meet the Creatives Behind “La canción”


Did you catch the last post about our 2016-2017 season? We mentioned the premiere of “La canción: El muscial” coming to our stage on September 23rd, 2016 and per usual, we want you to know a little about the master minds that have been working behind the scenes on this production!

Remember if you get your tickets to see “La canción” now you can enjoy a 30% off!

DCF 1.0

Cándido Tirado (Playwright): Tirado is a  four-time winner of the New York Foundation of the Arts Playwright Fellowship. He is the co-founder along with his wife, Carmen Rivera, of Educational Play Production, which tours public schools presenting social issues oriented plays concerning the inner city youth. His plays include: Fish Men (Steingberg nominated/4 Jeff nominations), Momma’s Boyz (chosen as “Chicago Top Ten” play by Huffington Post), First Class (Urban Theater Company and Theater on the Lake Festival), Two Diamonds, The Kid Next Door, Hey There Black Cat, Abuelo, The Missing Colors of The Rainbow, And the Pursuit of Happiness. He co-wrote with Carmen Rivera, The Life and Music of Celia Cruz which premiered and had a 9-month run at New World Stage and was also performed in Chicago’s Athenaeum Theater, Tenerife, Miami and La Bellas Artes in Santurce, Puerto Rico.

He has produced numerous plays which include: King Without a Castle, Checking out, First Class (The Puerto Rican Traveling Theater), The Barber Shop, Momma’s Boyz (Repertorio Español), The Missteps of a Salsa Dancer, From Dating to Death in Five Easy Steps, Ilka: The Dream, Some People Have All The Luck (National Theater of theDominican Republic and New York), Heart Stopping Sex (Soho Rep.).


Vico_C_La_Cancion_EN copy

Vico C (Music Composer): Puerto Rican rapper and songwriter also referred to as “El Filosofo” is considered one of the founding fathers of the urban music genre. Vico C is a two-time Latin Grammy winner, and has played an influential role in the urban music movement in Latin America.

He has collaborated with a wide range of artist and has experienced lots of success in his career around the world. He is currently working on his autobiographical movie “Vico C: La Vida del Filósofo” which is set to air in December of 2016.



Edward Torres (Director): Torres holds a B.A. in Theatre from Roosevelt University and an M.F.A. in Film from Columbia College Chicago. He is currently a Visiting Associate Professor at Wesleyan University. He possesses 18 years of production experience and is the co-founder and former artistic director of Teatro Vista. He was the recipient of the 2010 Arts Artist Award and was featured as guest director at the 2011 Eugene O’Neill Theater Center National Playwrights Conference.

His directing credits include: Water by the Spoonful (Old Globe Theatre), Quiara Alegría Hudes’s The Happiest Song Plays Last (Goodman Theatre), Kristoffer Diaz’s The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity (Victory Gardens Theater; produced in association with Teatro Vista), which was named Best Play of 2009 by the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times and Time Out Chicago; it was also a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize and earned Joseph Jefferson Awards for Best Production and Best Director. Torres recently directed Macbeth (The Public’s Mobile Shakespeare Unit) and has directed subsequent productions Off-Broadway at Second Stage Theatre (2011 Lucille Lortel Award for Outstanding Play and Obie Award for Best New American Play) and at Geffen Playhouse to critical acclaim.



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