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Board Member Adam Dayan, Esq. shares his experience when he first attended Repertorio


René Buch production of “Yerma”, 2002

“I attended my first performance at Repertorio Español about two decades ago when I was a 17-year old high school student. I had always loved Spanish but had never been to Spanish theater. I was accompanied by a group of classmates and my Spanish teacher, Elena Birman, to whom I owe a great debt for nurturing my love for Spanish and introducing me to Repertorio. The performance we saw was “Yerma”. What I remember most vividly about the show was the gravity of the subject matter and the emotion of the actors. What I loved about Repertorio was that it introduced me to a new way of enjoying Spanish culture and the arts in an intimate setting. Over the years my love for the arts has grown and I have stayed connected to Repertorio. I have seen many more performances since Yerma and supported Repertorio both personally and financially. Recently I joined the Board of Directors to become more involved in the theater’s future. I am excited to work with such a wonderful group of people and I am looking forward to exploring ways to help the theater thrive for many years to come.”

– Adam Dayan, Esq

Michael Palma Mir for Repertorio 50th Ann Gala 0264

Adam & Michelle Dayan, Esq. at Repertorio’s 50th Anniversary Celebration.

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Students attending a matinee performance at Repertorio Español.

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Photos by Michael Palma Mir